Cultural Solidarity Media supports projects that are of value to the global community, sharing and learning across cultures with the aim of promoting understanding, equity, harmony and justice. Special interests include subjects that inform, address issues that affect our society and raise awareness of certain historical contexts, while always exploring human experience and common humanity of all people. Our aim is to promote peace and understanding through the means of art and entertainment. CSM is interested in building bridges between different cultures, which often involves an element of translation from one perspective to another.



Dolya Gavanski

General Producer

is an established actress, producer and writer and has worked with many respected directors including Michael Winterbottom, Angelina Jolie and Trevor Nunn. As a youngster she attended school in Belgrade, Samarkand and St. Petersburg; she trained in acting in Moscow and London before going on to study at Cambridge University. She went on to gain a PhD on Russian Theatre and Culture at Goldsmiths College, University of London.



Elena Vink

Managing Director

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Karina Guglya

Marketing Manager

is a marketing manager  at Cultural Solidarity Media. She has studied English Literature and Theatre Studies, as well as International Relations for Masters at Queen Mary University of London. Combining both her knowledge in politics and creativity, her career path varied from work for a political party, to managing various marketing projects at a private educational company. Her hobbies are art, literature, theatre, poetry and film.



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