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St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Cannes, London

The civil war in Russia – is one of the most terrifying experience of history which still causes much controversy. And if history does not tell the story of ​​reconciliation, don't we possess the possibility to create it today within the territory of art and culture? For the new young generation, whose distance from the events in the XX century, is almost a century, war is an expereince of going through a trauma that leads society in ruins, returning participants to the primitive state. "Reconciliation" project – is an attempt to create a space where ideological formats are broken, where the duality of perception helps to realize that "all are one", where white is red, and red is white. This experience of making their own history and the ability to analyze it, is the practice of searching their own identity, the alignment position of past in respect to the present. Artists offer their alternative view of the historical memory in order to find "inner peace" and the possibility of unification.

Reconcilitation has been initiated by ArtTube project. ArtTube, is a unique search-engine, a guide to the world of contemporary art. International part of Reconciliation Art Project supported by Cultural Solidarity Media.  


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