by Dolya Gavanski

(in production)

Dedicated to the role of women in the Soviet Union and the way propaganda portrayed them, this documentary will provoke questions around what it means to be a ‘new’ Soviet woman.

In the lead up to the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 2017, the film brings to life the role of women in the former Eastern Block. From the libertarians of the 20s, to the industrious women of the 30s and 40s, to the model women that reflect the social mores of the Cold War through to the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. It was not by chance that the first revolution of 1917 was started by women striking on International Women’s Day.

With never-before-seen archive footage and images, interspersed with stories of everyday life through to the most extraordinary careers, Soviet Woman reflects on the past and the role it took in shaping human experience.


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by Dmitry Loktionov

“RED DIVISION” (2015) is a short documentary that brings to life the quirky world of British re-enactors who play the part of Soviet soldiers in WW2. The film sympathetically and skilfully exposes the gap between the mundane life of the suburban British re-enactors and the grim horrors of wars that they play.

Created by two producers, Natalia Zubareva and Dmitry Loktionov, this film aims to build bridges between history of WW2, introduce the viewers to the private social club of re-enactors and their passion for retelling war life as it was then. Red Division also aims to underline the issues with history interpretation and the how masses are often dictated to think what’s been taught. Their motto is:

“Being re-enactor, we have got a great opportunity to work as a team and pursue the quest of finding out answers to many questions. We would like to remember lessons learnt from our great parents of different nationalities, that went through the biggest military conflict in a history of mankind. We are proud to say – I am re-enactor! We are a bridge that connects our PAST and our PRESENT. We believe in Peace and through our honest display we hope to influence our FUTURE to be without wars.” 

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the heritage of love - 08
the heritage of love - 04
the heritage of love - 03
the heritage of love - 01
the heritage of love - 05
the heritage of love
the heritage of love - 07
the heritage of love - 06

by Yuriy Vasiliev

CSM co-funded the feature film “THE HERITAGE OF LOVE” a romantic drama shot set in World War One St Petersburg Russia and contemporary Paris. Post-production is completed and HERITAGE OF LOVE is scheduled for distribution in 2016. For further distribution inquiries, please get in touch with MonteCristo International sales agency at: 

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Golos 1

by Dolia Gavanski

“GOLOS: UKRAINIAN VOICES” (2015) is a poignant and moving 70 min documentary filmed in Ukraine and focused on the response to war from ordinary people of all ages caught up in the conflict. It has been shortlisted for awards on the festival circuit in Europe and generated a powerful response in Ukraine.

During the year of 2017, the film has been released across several VoD platfroms. You can now find it on Amazon, Vimeo and Guide Doc. Please follow the links below to rent it:

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