September 30, 2017

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"Red Division" selected at Southend Film Festival

May 25, 2017


The film festival in Southend-on-the-Sea has a long history and its own  audience. But only this year the program of the festival included documentary films about military lives and one of these films was RED Division (directed by Dmitry Loktionov). A film about the alliance of the Soviet and British military during the Second World War and the historical memory of this event in today's day wasn’t screened by coincidence. Filmed in 2015 and presented in London, this film grew its popularity not only among the Russian audience living in the territory of the UK, but also among the British of different generations. Judging by the audience's comments, thanks to this film, the British youth and the older generation have a chance to look at the events of that time, in a different ways. And thanks to the filmmakers - military reenactors - it reveals the unknown side of life and hobbies that people have in Britain.

The festival screening was successful and has a full auditorium. But more importantly, there the presence and participation of WW2 veterans  who were invited by the organizers of the festival.

After the screening, CSMedia hosted a small welcome reception, where people shared their views on film and personal stories. 


More info about film HERE




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